Never Forgotten


These beautiful images were sent by my good friends in Schwanheim, Germany. Thanks to them, the memory of the demise of RAF bomber EE893 and many of it’s crew on that night in 1943 will never be forgotten.

It was on May 13, 2012 that we gathered at this spectacularly beautiful site to build and consecrate this memorial. A week of poignant yet very happy memories that will stay with me forever.

“Wir sind alle Freunde jetzt und immerdar.”

Schwanheim memorial Dec 2012 2

Thank you:

Roland and Ingrid Gotz

Lorenz and Alvira Steigner

Uwe and Martina Benkel

Hans Rohner

Helmut Andelfinger

Willy Schachter

Herbert Schwarzmuller

and all the good people of Schwanheim and Hauenstein, Germany.

Schwanheim memorial Dec 2012 1

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