Dad and me

That’s me and dad. Unfortunately, he died in 1968 just before I turned 9. He was 46.

Up until fairly recently, I didn’t know much about my father’s war story other than he was a bomb aimer in an RAF Stirling bomber and, that having survived being shot down over Germany, he had been made a prisoner of war. What I did know, even at my young age, was that sometimes those war-time memories came back to haunt him.

Of the 125,000 who served with Bomber Command during WW2, 55,573 were killed – The chances of just surviving were fearsome. Many of the raids were unspeakably harrowing.

Dad and his aircrew flew 19 raids during 1943, mostly during the Battle of the Ruhr and many of the big ones – Berlin, Hamburg, Mannheim, the secret German V-rocket base at Peenemunde and even a few long and dangerous trips to Italy.

In 2012, my sister Janne and I travelled through Germany visiting his crash site, the remains of his POW camp and meeting a whole bunch of incredibly interesting people with much information to share.

I’m just getting started with this blogging thing so please be patient with me. Sardines and Whipped Cream is currently my shoe box of discoveries, thoughts and emotions. Better to have it up here where it can be shared than at home in actual shoe boxes and photo albums – eh?

And one day, I’m sure I’ll have it all sorted : )


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